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I've always been a cyclist, and I've had a fascination for the Land's End to John o'Groats challenge, which I completed in 2021 on my first Bike For Butterflies. I have  a lifelong interest in wildlife and have been a member of Butterfly Conservation since 1985.

Since retiring, I have focused my time on wildlife, especially butterflies and moths. I live in London and campaign for further improvement of London's 1,600+ local wildlife sites. I encourage people to get out and explore the green spaces near where they live and work: London is much richer in wildlife than many people think.

I Chair the Surrey & SW London Branch of Butterfly Conservation. I have been surveying the green spaces in Lambeth, Southwark and Wandsworth: the boroughs are doing a good job in managing the parks sympathetically for wildlife. Nevertheless, our green spaces and wildlife have never been more under threat, and they urgently need our help.

I support London National Park City, aiming to make London greener, healthier and wilder. I am also a London National Park City Ranger. These are a network of passionate people with a range of experiences and talents who are contributing to the vision to make London a city where people, places and nature are better connected.

I am a trustee of London Beekeepers' Association, and I manage the apiary at the wonderful Walworth Garden.

I support Extinction Rebellion (XR), and believe that it is obvious that urgent and radical action is needed to address the climate emergency.


Follow me on Twitter: @sbsaville

My story - how the 1st Bike For Butterflies came about click here

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Simon Saville

Environmentalist and London butterfly guy

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